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Down to Earth, Practical Tools for attaining Peace, Health, Happiness & Harmony

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Uniquely channeled, practical techniques and tools for living an embodied multi-dimensional life, where magic is the norm. Where you can live from your heart, not your head.

Tools for maintaining calm within whatever chaos erupts around you.

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What is the Magic not Logic philosophy and why do I need it?

Through our programs we help you identify & clear accumulated energetic debris across lifetimes, timelines and dimensions. This can show up as resistance, burnout, fatigue, pain, illness, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, poverty, grief, on the edge, emotional breakdown, failure, procrastination, dysphoria, rejection sensitivities, trust issues, rage, resentment, revenge fantasies... When old emotions, stories, resentments, get trapped in our bodies, we play out the same patterns unconsciously until we learn the lesson. Are you done with experiencing hurt and pain over and over again until the lesson is learnt? Why not Identify the Trigger, Become the Observer, Witness the Pattern, Clear the Debris and move on, all without having to step into the emotional pain of it over and over? And not only will you clear the debris from this lifetime, you will clear it from all lifetimes and timelines of your Soul's journey. These are all occurring simultaneously in the energetic realm and so clearing done here and now, is done on all levels of your Soul.


Why do I want to increase my personal Frequency?

Self-revelation and Clearing Debris increases your frequency. As your frequency increases, your radius of impact also increases. What if your Soul Work was simply to BE, to do what keeps your Frequency high, so your Impact is felt on a larger scale. Additionally, as you start understanding yourself and strengthening your connection to Source, you will live an aligned, peaceful, joyful life no matter the chaos around you.


Do I have to know how to meditate to do the Clearings?

No. In the Clearing videos, the frequency does the work for you. However, as a sovereign being, you can choose what occurs during this open-eyed meditation. No more trying to DO more in order to fulfill your Purpose, simply BE instead. Be Joy, Be light, Be love, Be ease and flow. Just BE.


I can't visualise, can I still do the meditations?

You would be surprised, with effective instruction using your specific Clair language, what you will experience. You may not "see" things if you are not Clairvoyant, but that doesn't mean you can't experience these meditations in a full and visceral way. We use all 5 Clair Languages, so if you have experienced problems in the past, this may be the solution.


Do we have to have the physical book to do "The Intuition Builder" program?

No. We have included Interactive PDF versions of all parts of the book. However, if you prefer to write things down physically, then we encourage you to buy the companion physical book.


Do we have to have the Card Deck to do the Clearings videos?

No. The cards create a spontaneous experience that can become a daily practice or ritual. We have included a digital GIF of the deck where you can take a screenshot of a card to simulate this experience. As with the physical cards, we encourage everyone to develop a practice of journalling for self-revelation. This is an important step whether you have the physical cards or not.


I've worked with you 1:1, would these programs still be useful for me?

Yes. The processes that we did during your sessions to clear energetic debris have been turned into these digital resources. You can use these resources to continue and expand on the work we did together. Self-awareness is an ongoing process and is never really complete. As you unravel new layers, new clearings may be needed. This is a good resource to have on hand if you find yourself having a Dark Night of the Soul moment and will help you unravel what is being uncovered and help shift the energy.


What do I get for The Solo Trek Membership?

This membership level includes the Expansion of the Magic not Logic Card Deck, Expansion of The Intuition Builder book, and the AreekeerA Energy Medicine Meditation Library. In the Lightcode Library, each card has an Open Eye Meditation Clearing video to facilitate multi-dimensional healing and clearing. These videos include 432hz music, the Lightcodes from the card, AreekeerA Vibration, and a Guided Clearing Experience. There will be 50 clearing videos in total. Additional resources will be created to facilitate this process. If you require assistance in unpacking your resistance or blocks, or if you wish to have someone Witness your Self-Revelation, a new Program is being developed and will be made available in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on your notifications for details. The AreekeerA Meditation Templates facilitate self-healing in the energetic realm. The Intuition Builder will show you how to access your Intuition easily and consistently to make decisions in your life, work and/or business.